COVID-19: All church services suspended

Dear church family,

It’s been astonishing to watch the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on lives across the world recently. It’s no small thing. Recent government measures implemented with containment in mind have direct implications for all of us.

Having discussed these, the Elders, with no small degree of sadness announce that all services have been cancelled until further notice. Our decision rests in our desire to love each other by preventing contact and subsequent illness, but also in our desire to submit to the advice given by ruling authorities.

Those who need care or assistance should not suffer in silence but make the need known. As a Church we will try our best, within the guidelines set out by government to give such help as may be necessary. This crisis presents the Church with a significant challenge.

The lack of church gatherings, and the impersonal nature of telephone contact, may lead to loneliness and sadness for many. Now is the time to work together. Now is the time to notice. The challenge of this time is to care well for each other, to look away from ourselves, and think of helpful ways we can communicate with, pray for, and serve one another in love.

If any of these decisions impact you significantly, and you have any questions, please speak to someone. The Elders are available, much in prayer and happy to talk.

Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

In His Service & with love,
The elders