We trace our origins back to 1858 and our foundation as an independent assembly of Christian Brethren. They met in one or two locations in the town until under the leadership of Daniel Hamilton they built the Gospel Hall in Baillies Causeway in 1872. They maintained their ministry there continuously until 1966 when the redevelopment of the central area of the town required the demolition of all existing buildings, including the Gospel Hall. The congregation maintained its activities as far as possible in temporary accommodation at Fairhill Community Centre, while a new building was being erected in Selkirk Street.

That building, the Evangelical Church, was completed in 1967 and the first services were held on Christmas Eve. The official Opening took place on 3rd April, 1968. The Senior Architect for the project was Jim Hislop, a former elder in the church. As the activities of the congregation expanded, the building was extended to incorporate a hall and some smaller rooms.