Interesting sermons

Interesting sermons especially helpful in current situation. David Finnie of Ebenezer Bangor Wales His passage was Psalm 46 and how it describes unprecedented times in days gone by and he related this to our current situation. If you only want to hear the sermon it is from 18.38 onwards. Alistair Begg in his own […]

God’s promises in the day of the pandemic

When troubles challenge us from time to time, the Bible, God’s love letter to humanity, comes with a number of promises. The first, I guess, was the one that was made to Noah. In Genesis 9:11, God said “Never again will all life be cut off by the water of a flood; never again will […]

A Model for Self-Isolating

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens all across the world, the leaders of the nations are instructing everyone to “stay at home”, to isolate themselves, to be out of contact from everyone. The adjustments in all our lives because of this instruction are very significant. In the Bible, in 1 Kings 17, there is a crisis […]

COVID-19: All church services suspended

Dear church family, It’s been astonishing to watch the spread of the Coronavirus and its impact on lives across the world recently. It’s no small thing. Recent government measures implemented with containment in mind have direct implications for all of us. Having discussed these, the Elders, with no small degree of sadness announce that all […]

The Storm

Matthew Chapter 8:23 – 27 Struggling in the Storm! Strength in the Storm An Anchor in the Storm One of Mosie Lister’s classic hymns, “Keep me safe till the storm passes by” (Gaither Homecoming Group) has been on my mind for some time especially since reading through this interesting passage in the Gospel of Matthew […]

Matthew the Taxman

PPT: Matthew the taxman When you pick up your bible and read from its opened pages, do you ever wonder how its 66 volumes, all of them written in languages foreign to you, and some up to 4000 years old, managed to make their way down through time to eventually influence your thoughts? And it […]

Carolyn’s Celebration

On Sunday 1st March the church met to have a meal together in celebration of Carolyn Baker’s time with us. Carolyn has been with the church now for 25 years and it was appropriate that we met on the 1st of March as this is St David’s day, as Carolyn came form Wales. Carolyn wished […]

New Article – John Mark

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John Mark

The silence for the Jewish nation was becoming unbearable. For 400 years the heavens had been closed, and the wait among the faithful for the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy brought its own tensions. The problem was that the last prophetic words of the Old Testament had been so uncompromising.