MC News!

Hi Everyone, just to remind you that next week is the last of the season…. but we will have some ‘keep in touch’ Mondays over the next few months leading up to our annual holiday club.

Look on the Monday club Facebook page for more details and dates as well as a flyer next week.

For our last night club night, we are having ‘B party’ so we all need to dress as something beginning with ‘B’!

We’d also like to let your parents and families know on Friday 29th we are having a film night at church. We are showing the critically acclaimed film ‘I Can only Imagine’ which was out on general release before Christmas and has Dennis Quaid as one of the stars. It is a true story about the life of the man who wrote the now famous hymn of the same name and those who have seen it have given it a great review.

You can see a taster of the film on YouTube!